Friday, May 30, 2008

World's Smallest Morality Quiz!


The Libertarians have a "World's Smallest Political Quiz." They use it as a teaching device to show that there are TWO AXES in political controversies-- you may be in favor of either Personal Freedom or Economic Freedom, or both, or neither. They think it's really important to show how a Republican might want to give you lots of Economic Liberty (say, low taxes) while a Democrat might want to give you lots of Personal Liberty (say, ending drug laws). The Libertarians want you to see them as proponents of your liberty in both the personal and economic realms. Hence, two axes: Economic Liberty and Personal Liberty.

I on the other hand, think that there is another axes that is important: Social Change. I think Republicans are statists who look to government to prevent social change, Democrats are statists who look to government to cause social change. Some Libertarians are seeking social change by non-governmental means; some Libertarians don't seek regulation but seem to be opposed to persuasion for buying fluorescent light bulbs and against smoking in front of children in public places. Hence, my quiz.

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