Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Left behind, another cartoon

I found this at GodTube. I don't know exactly where it comes from, but it is highly reminiscent of the "Left Behind" phenomenon. I am not a fan of that series of books. I think the focus can be inherently selfish-- what do I gotta do to make sure I get in? Rather than being a focus on what Christ did for us. This preaching seems to present viewers with a primary problem of damnation, and then leave them in shock wondering what they need to go to solve it, the answer being their work of believing. After saying we're at risk of damnation for sin, too many of this type of preacher get upset when folks start criticizing the President. I think the better mode of preaching is to present viewers with the primary problem of sin, and then point to the cross as the ultimate solution.

I also don't think that the geo-politics of the books have anything at all to do with actual biblical Christianity. The Left Behind politics seem to be more about "What nominal Christians might do if they sought to establish a kingdom on earth and kill all their enemies with jet fighters."

That being said, this is one really cool cartoon. There will be gnashing of teeth on that day.

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