Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Bishop T.D. Jakes on Rev. Wright

I usually do not follow the writings of Christian speaker Bishop T. D. Jakes. I only know that when flipping through the channels on TV, I've occasionally seen him on TBN. This is the network that features Jan and Paul Crouch, a network that has "street cred" with a certain segment of the evangelical or Neopentecostal Christian community in the United States. I remember this network devoting significant air time to the Terry Schiavo case and in 2004 warning us of the dangers of allowing John Kerry to pick Supreme Court Justices.

So what would this preacher, an African American who's no "Ted Kennedy," have to say about the media attention to Rev. Wright?

Commentary: Negative press distracts churches from mission

The Potter's House, though largely African-American, is composed of 20 different nationalities and growing in diversity. It is designed much the same way Sen. Barack Obama has built his campaign: on a strong commitment to reconciliation, the admonition for unity and strong desire for the continuation of diversity instead of exclusion.

While I have not endorsed any candidate, who can ignore the hunger of Americans for change? No matter who your political choice may be, it is hard to remain ambivalent to the tone that Obama sounded, igniting a national response from people of all walks of life, crowding into stadiums openly weeping -- like they were in church -- at the very idea of a nation that reflects the best of our ideals; not the divisive ranting and bickering that may drive up ratings but threaten the cannibalization of our dreams and the demolition of our hopes.

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