Monday, May 05, 2008

Google Maps get a NY City tourist lost!

How many of you non-NYC residents know where York Avenue is? Do you know every single instance of when a street in NYC is not a number? I sure don't, that's why I wanted to rely on an internet map product like the street view feature in Google Maps.

I searched for the Helmsley Medical Tower. Google Maps gave me a picture of it, and even showed me where it was relative to the numbered streets in the city. So I started to make my way to the place clearly indicated on the map, around 57th. When I got there, I was just going to walk around the block looking for a building whose appearance matched the image in the photo. Turns out the Helmsley Medical Tower is closer to 71st.

The problem is that Google Maps put that silly little person icon on the map, in a place which has NOTHING to do with the location of my destination. It's distracting, it led me to believe that this was where I was headed. Would you have made the same mistake?

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