Thursday, May 22, 2008

PFA Man versus "Goblin Dander"

This animation represents the greatest amount of work I have ever poured into a project, if it's not my greatest work. Yes, it could well use a soundtrack, but I made it under some time constraints and didn't have time to get help with music or sound.

This video explains what I do for a living in my day job of physical failure analysis in the semiconductor industry. Of course, all opinions expressed everywhere else in my blog are solely those of my own and in no way represent the position of my employer.

The animation is made with povray. Restated, all of the characters, the sets, etc., are made with povray-- there was no use of an external GUI modeler. Many have pointed out how inefficient it can be to use povray to do character animation. I however have often thought that one of the cool things about it is that you don't have to draw-- you could even be a quadriplegic typing with a pencil in your mouth-- and still produce something of this quality. It is all done with script, or text in povray's scene description language. If you can type the word "cylinder", you could make something like this with enough time. Povray is also FREE, free as in free beer.

The rendering for the entire movie was started with a single use of a "povray" text command on a Linux box-- all the scenes.

I have posted this movie using blogger's video upload service. If you think the quality of this 400x300 movie could be better presented with some other service, please leave a comment on this blog posting.

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