Friday, May 23, 2008

Hillary to Bloggers. (One blogger to Hillary supporters)

As Hillary Rodham Clinton decries the mainstream media for diminishing her chances of capturing the Democratic nomination, she is turning more to the Internet to make her increasingly urgent case.


The purpose of the conference call was to thank bloggers for their support, deliver her talking points and have those talking points conveyed to the blogosphere — and ultimately to the superdelegates who may control the outcome of the race.

“Your voices make a real difference, and your engagement in these incredibly significant ways helps to set the ground for what we are trying to say in the campaign,” she told them, adding that they can “influence the rest of the blogosphere and beyond.”
By KATHARINE Q. SEELYE, "As Primaries End, Clinton Appeals Directly to Blogs",May 20, 2008 New York Times

Here's a blog posting from me which I hope can make a real difference.

Hillary's candidacy represents something I cannot support, I won't vote for her for any reason, not even for Senate again. There is no point in "Democratic unity" with the policy positions she has taken. It would make more sense to hope for the alleged "maverick" John McCain to somehow be resuscitated. Two positions Hillary has taken that take her off the table:
  • "Obliterate Iran." In response to a hypothetical attack of Iran on Israel, Hillary said that she would "obliterate" the country. Seventy million people. That's like ten Holocausts. As Bob Scheer noted, this should be a "career ending" statement. I am appalled at the Democratic Party that it was not.
  • The Gas Tax ploy. When Bob Dole resorted to this kind of gimmick in 1988, it was the sign of someone who'd practice bad economics for a short-term pandering ploy. I think Hillary is similarly lacking in vision.

I hope this blog post can make a difference.

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