Tuesday, December 05, 2006

How (not to) succeed commercially in Linux: the passing of Kanotix.

Kanotix was at one time my favorite distribution of linux. I note with a sense of dread that the Kanotix team's main developers are splitting up. In an article entitled, "The KANOTIX distro implodes," tuxmachines.org says:
As of today, the KANOTIX distribution is...not dead, exactly, but most definitely without a firm direction. Its co-developer has left, its Paypal donation link is down, and it's not clear what's going to happen with it in the future.
. Indeed, "Kano", for whom the distribution was named after, has said:
Since financing Kanotix through donations has proved a failure and I am planning restructuring to a more stable base (be it Ubuntu or Debian will have to show in tests) and I myself regard Debian/Sid as unfortunately not compliant with a more commercial orientation, he has left the project.

Here's my advice on how not to succeed in engendering donations for your own distribution in linux. I myself had made PayPal donations to kanotix on two occasions, the total being about the order of magnitude of the cost of a Windows XP upgrade. I had often received help from the kanotix user forums and IRC channel, including from Kano himself in both places.

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