Sunday, December 31, 2006

3D Animation vs. the common good

I have a case of bronchitis. It's really bothersome. I rebuffed my wife's suggestions to take medication early on in the cold, thinking that good ol' hydration and vitamins would do the trick.

The funny thing is that one of the things the doctor prescribed me is an over-the-counter medication I'd seen advertised on TV. At his recommendation and after reading the Uses on the box, I am kicking myself for not having started using this stuff at the first signs of sniffle. I'm almost wondering if I have harmed my long-term health by not having purchased this pharmaceutical product earlier. Now here's the rub.

I like cartoony 3D animation, in case you couldn't tell already. I have seen on TV a commercial for this very product perhaps a hundred times. But the commercial screams of being over-produced by disingenuous snake-oil salesmen, and the use of the 3D medium may have contributed to that impression. It was not a presentation I could trust, so I took it off my radar screen of things to do when I get a bad cold. Now I'm paying the price.

Does use of 3D ultimately degrade from the seriousness or trustworthiness of a presentation?

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