Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A review of arklinux live

I tried out ark linux live

This was a window that came up during bootup on an Aptiva desktop. This is mind you a box where damn small linux-not, the 83MB distro, had just successfully connected to the internet to allow my last posting. (DSL also had a wireless driver for my laptop I had used a few days earlier).

It's just plain laziness not to include drivers in this late stage of the game. Even more asinine is the assumption that you will just up and connect to the internet to go get a driver to enable an internet connection.

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Anonymous said...

At least it found the hardware. Fedora Core 5 has no idea that my wireless hardware is even connected, even after probing. It also did not include the drivers that I needed. I think you're taking for granted the fact that the OS allows you to very easily utilize ndiswrapper, another feature that is a serious amount of work to do on other releases like fedora.