Thursday, May 18, 2006

Announcing "my" sermon-writing contest for ELCA seminarians

"Lord, keep us steadfast in your Word..."

"Where all obey you, no one will hunger..."

Do we have to choose between theological orthodoxy and compassion? Does all talk of social injustices have to be seen as a distraction from the business of the church? Do we have to give up an iota of Johannine or Pauline doctrine, of Augustine's writing, of the Book of Concord, lest we become some kind of uncaring brute? This project is a protest against the false dichotomies offered Christians today. I say there is no need to turn our backs on either Truth or Love.

The "Truth 'versus' Love Project III", the Greg M. Johnson Homiletics Award, is a $2500 sermon writing contest for students of seminaries of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America with a deadline of August 15, 2006.

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Thanks for widely distributing this announcement among your seminary student friends.

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