Saturday, May 06, 2006

The morality of humpbacks

Tonight's Prairie Home Companion had a Guy Noir sketch with a character named "Igor" who was a "humpback". It's funny how I've been reading a lot about character differentiation in character design-- that the all gotta have such a very different shape such that they are recognizable by profile alone. My animation system for povray is in some ways utterly brilliant, in some ways so clunky not even I can produce anything at all with it. One thing that is hard is re-doing chest cavities when body size changes greatly. I have oft been thinking of some other way to get different-shaped characters. Garrison Keillor just gave me an idea.

But I don't know if I like how politically incorrect it is-- to make your bad guys into cripples. Seems like a relic of an age we're all glad we outgrew.

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