Thursday, March 20, 2008

Disturbingly graphic video of beef slaughterhouse.

There's been some buzz about this video from a slaughterhouse. Apparently some schools canceled beef contracts with this supplier over it.

This issue for me raises an issue of the moral sufficiency of the marketplace. The slaughterhouse engaged in wanton cruelty, that's for sure. And everyone was buying their meat. But does that mean the marketplace encouraged this activity-- that the market provided incentives for those houses who would take any kind of animal, no matter how sick? OR does the marketplace also include the schoolkids who see this video and demand that they stop buying the beef? That's the rub. When libertarian activists say they want the marketplace to solve the problems, I think they mean that everyone should just leave big business alone, and turn off their moral judgment in choosing products. But that's not how the marketplace REALLY works.

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