Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Not enough US Muslims opposed to suicide bombing?

What would you say if a demographic group were polled and found to have a sizable minority (~1/3) within it who turned out to be in favor of uncivilized barbarity? Would you shudder at the thought of that group becoming a major player on the world stage? Would you say that the revelation should point out the crying need for evangelization of that group, not only evangelization to the Gospel of Jesus Christ but also secular education in basic human decency? Would you wonder what that group's religious leaders were doing, wonder what they really had to contribute to our value system?

A poll of US citizens in 2004 by The Program on International Policy Attitudes asked American citizens about their views on the use of torture in interrogations of suspects of terrorism. Seven percent were not in favor of granting the Red Cross access to detainees. Eleven percent were not opposed to "sexual humiliation". Nineteen percent were not opposed to holding a suspect's head under water. Twenty-five percent were not opposed to forcing detainees to go naked. Twenty-nine percent found too restrictive the idea that "governments should never use torture." Fifty-six percent were in favor of hooding, and the same number in favor of bombardment with loud noises.

A similar poll was conducted by PIPA which showed a large fraction of Americans in favor of hitting civilian targets in a military response to 9/11.

Father, forgive us, for we know not what we do.

Oh, by the way, there was also a poll showing a minority of Muslims not opposed to suicide bombing. Some called it a "hair-raising ideology within our borders." I'm frankly far more frightened by the guy whose hair doesn't raise at both these ideologies within our borders.

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