Sunday, May 06, 2007

Doublespeak on the surge on MSNBC

Last weekend, I spent some time watching MSNBC. Within the course of an hour, I heard:
  • An MSNBC military expert explain the recent violence by saying things were starting to get worse again after the initial success of January's surge.
  • A report that the Bush Administration was asking the American people to be patient in waiting until later in the year to judge the effectiveness of the surge.
So which is it-- a great demonstrated success in its first month or something we'll not be sure of until close to a year? I think the answer is we have talking heads putting spins to advance agendas. Imagine two separate "surge apologists" on different coasts independently dreaming up a spin that will placate the people. One dreams up the idea of saying it was a great initial success and the other says its success is too far away to judge.

Someone said that truth is the first thing to die in war.

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