Wednesday, May 09, 2007

My invention idea: the two bag shredder.

Slashdot has a posting where someone says:
An anonymous reader writes "German researchers at the Frauenhofer Institute said Wednesday that they were launching an attempt to reassemble millions of shredded East German secret police files using complicated computerized algorithms. The files were shredded as the Berlin Wall fell in 1989 and it became clear that the East German regime was finished. Panicking officials of the Stasi secret police attempted to destroy the vast volumes of material they had kept on everyone from their own citizens to foreign leaders."
So apparently there are a few big bags of shredded paper that were kept and now someone is going to try to put it all back together.

My idea for a shredder is to insert in the output stream of shredded material a divider. The divider makes 2/3 of the stream go into one bag, 1/3 into another bag. Here's the trick: the bags are the same size. So you have to replace one twice as often as the other. Thus, they two halves of the shred stream get sent to the garbage at different times.

I have not yet seen a shredder on the market that does this. Somehow I end up feeling the shredder designer cannot be too serious about security if all the waste stream is neatly sent to the same repository.

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