Thursday, November 02, 2006

Religious Right vs. Bible-believers (a letter to Xeni)

Hey you nontheists, pagans, and believers in non-Christian religions who've been dissing bible-believing Christians, there's an article in the Nation that you've got to read!

This amazing article, "In God's Country", mind you, appears in nowhere else but the leftist rag "The Nation", underscores what I've felt all along. That the Religious Right do not represent the purest form of adhering to biblical doctrines but one possible corruption of it. I offer a few of the points that resounded with me below without further comment.

"How, Greeley and Hout ask, do pundits routinely equate biblical Christianity with right-wing politics when African-Americans, "who are in nearly every respect as religiously conservative as whites," nevertheless "vote overwhelmingly for Democrats?"
"Greeley and Hout provide strong evidence that among white conservative Protestants--a category that includes denominations such as Southern Baptists, Pentecostals and Mormons--class indeed matters a lot more than most pundits think. Between 1992 and 2000, 80 percent of the affluent members of these denominations voted for Republicans, but fewer than half of those who are poor did so."
"Selective in their populism, the theocons are equally selective in their adherence to church doctrine: Michael Novak, another First Things contributor, believes American women should be forced to accept the Vatican's teachings on abortion, but he went to Rome at the invitation of President Bush's ambassador to defend the war in Iraq, which the Pope staunchly opposed. From the death penalty to poverty, what the church says can be ignored, except when its encyclicals support the right side in the culture wars, in which case everyone must take note."

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