Friday, September 29, 2006

Your Own Ads: to click or not to click?

I remember reading about how Google once had to refund some $90 million to advertisers because of alleged "click fraud". I then read in the Terms and Conditions for the Google Adsense that messing around with the ads could get your service terminated.

But then I was listening to a BBC World interview with employees of Google. They were asking one of the managers there about the ads, about the moral question of whether some users of google weren't able to tell whether they were actually clicking on ads. The manager defended the utility of ads on Google. He said,
"I click on them all the time."

Whoa! The managers at google "click on them all the time?! Then in reading the fine print at the Google Adsense TOS, I see the phrase is "repeated." So maybe there's no harm in my own clicking on those ads for great vacation savings on a trip to Bali, as show up in my other blog.

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