Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Cool Podcasts

  • Stomp Tokyo: The Cult Movies Podcast
    This is a podcast featuring three nerds talking about all the horrible new movies you'll not want to see and waxing nostalgic for the classic movies and TV shows you saw as a kid. Unconditionally, a delightful listen every time.
  • Chinese Pod
    They teach you spoken Mandarin in a creative-commons licensed podcast. The lessons are fun, informative, useful (I've greatly impressed my Chinese friends already and my son loves it). Just make sure you select the "newbie" lessons. I'm also fascinated by the quality of the voices of the man and woman who run the show: they have perfect enunciation of English and a thick Chinese accent at the same time.
  • Linux Questions Podcast
    This is always a useful listen. It's interesting that the speaker spends most of his time talking about business events in the computing industry, but it's much more insightful than what you'd get from CNBC.
  • Daily Audio Bible Podcast
    A guy reading scripture. He has an earnest and sincere approach that is touching, completely lacking of Jim-and-Tammy cheeze.
  • New Scientist Podcast
    Science News.

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