Thursday, June 01, 2006

Puppy Linux 2.00's wrongheaded wifi strategy

From Puppy linux 2.00's Wireless Network Wizard:

Welcome to the Puppy Wireless Networking Wizard!
NOTE: if you have a physical Ethernet cable plugged into your PC, this is the wrong Wizard! Click "EXIT" button, and run the Ethernet Wizard....

GOOD: It seems that Perl is available, and Perl is needed to install the Windows driver for the wireless card. You now have three choices:

CHOICE 1: ndiswrapper
Note that Perl is only required during installation of the driver.
Okay, that is one requirement out of two! Now, do you have the CD that came with the wireless card? If so, click the "Setup_ndiswrapper" button...

CHOICE 2: wifi-beta.pup
If you do not have the XP driver for the card, Bladehunter (Forum name) has developed wifi-beta.pup, a DotPup package that enables you to use ndiswrapper without requiring Perl. But, it only works for certain wifi cards. Find out more and to download, go to the Announcements section of the Puppy Forum. Download it, install it (it is a DotPup package, so after downloading it, you just click on it to install it), then run this Wizard again.
Please click "EXIT" button if wifi-beta.pup not installed...
Please click "Run_WAG" button if wifi-beta.pup is installed...

CHOICE 3: Use a Linux driver
Many wifi cards have a Linux driver module and some are installed in Puppy, and more can be found if you go to the Announcements section of the Puppy Forum. Quit this Wizard, install a driver, load it with modprobe, then run this Wizard.
Please click "EXIT" button only...

My goodness, you either need the WinXP driver for your device (where the heck is the one for my laptop??), or a PhD in computer science and to piecemeal a bunch of things together, downloaded separately. You might as well write your own distro, or go get one with madwifi already installed as part of the distro. DSL-N somehow manages to have it, while too being a very small distro.

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