Friday, January 23, 2009

What I'm listening to these days

I've found one collection of music that is just weird enough for me. It's got a mix of downtempo and light electronica tracks such that it makes just the right background music for work or 'puting.

It's the Monotonik 2006 Archive, from the net label monotonik. At 380 Mb, it has enough that it all seems new. The current page for the organization is here, but features different, newer music. The 2006 Archive is available as a torrent from the aptly-named site, From the web page for the collection:
[BEAUTIFUL, ELECTRONICA, NET.LABEL] One of the longest-running net.labels in existence, Monotonik (around since 1996!) specializes in downtempo 'idm'-style electronic music, and presents the 9 releases that make up its 2006 output so far (up to June 2006), including albums and EPs by New Delhi FM, Yuppster, Ernesto Aeroflot, Wavespan, Sabi, Planet Boelex, SinQ, and Izmar. If you're a fan of headphone-centric electronic music, you won't want to miss out on this!

There's also a page for monotonik at, but it features different stuff at well. The Internet Archive however at least has a flash player to allow you to see some of the music before you download. The one collection that struck my fancy was the "2006 Archive". I also have the "Archives-Vol-1", but it's not quite as cool.


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