Thursday, January 22, 2009

Misadventures in SecondLife

I spent a few evenings playing around with SecondLife a few years ago, I just found these screen grabs on my hard drive.

In the first image, I was wandering around some town, and suddenly found myself in a really seedy section of town. My character, the blonde guy in blue, wandered in to this really weird group of folks. The guys were dressed like goth ninjas and who knows why that woman is kneeling. Anyway, having stumbled on to a place where I knew I didn't fit in, I got a big kick out of the idea of pretending I was a lost tourist from Kansas. I started asking questions about where to find the local coffee shop, etc. I didn't get much of a reaction out of the other folks, but I had a great LOL to myself in the way I was trying to tease these people. (Hopefully there's no way to be killed in SL.) I wonder if that's the most fun you ever get out of it.

In this one, I was playing around with character design and a linux version of SL. I never could figure out what I was doing wrong, as some of the files for character design actually were downloaded to my HDD with the SL binaries. I ended up with pitch black skin and pants of a color scheme that looked like the underwear was on the outside. I wandered through some rooms and ended up at a ballroom dance. Again, I got some LOL's just pretending I was a guy with severe skin disease at the dance, it was funny even without talking to or dancing with anyone. (I didn't know how to operate the controls properly and wasn't interested in "starting anything" online anyway). Another interesting thing to note is that the womens' dresses did not have any collision detection with the men's pants. Note that the men appear to be standing inside the ladies' dresses.

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