Tuesday, July 01, 2008

25 Gb of free and legal music

It's available in the "netlabels" section of Legal Torrents.

If you're too poor to pay for music or agitated at the RIAA for their underhanded actions, the best protest is to download music from folks who are giving away their own music intentionally and legally. If you have an internet connection, you can download through a bittorent client a whole bunch of albums of music. I calculated that there are 25 Gb of music available from the netlabels feed alone at this one site. It's obviously not the current Top 40, but if you're willing to experiment and try out new music, it's the perfect source.

I just downloaded the monotonik archive volume one. It's fairly cool stuff, nice background music as I type here. Here's their blog page. The ID3 tags on the 208 songs that came with this 871 Mb download claim genres of everything from polka to acid punk. In twenty minutes of listening, I haven't found anything as annoying as would be implied by either of those tags.

What is a netlabel? Uh, it's a record label that exists on the internet and usually distributes its content under a Creative Commons license. The internet archive has a section on netlabels which gives a lot of useful information about the labels, often more than exists on the artists' own websites-- monotonik especially included.

Check it out and keep on fighting the RIAA by legal and nonviolent means.

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michaelGregoire said...

For those of your readers who aren't into sifting through mountains of music to find the gems, leave that to me.

At blocSonic, I comb through stacks and stacks of net audio to find the gems in the ruff. I then compile monthly compilations entitled netBlocs. Each compilation contains 10 exceptional tracks from all over the world and of all genres. All compilations come with complete album art and a 45+ page PDF filled with liner-notes, photos and reviews. You also get to chose your audio format. We offer each release in FLAC, 320kbs mp3 or 192kbs mp3.

Enjoy! Net audio is the future of music.