Thursday, June 05, 2008

Does God love Woody Allen?

I saw this video at boingboing. In it, Billy Graham addresses the question of whether God finds Woody Allen lovable. Oh come on, he's so adorable here, you have to say yes.

Billy does a good job of witnessing to God as having love (even for Woody!) and to the beneficent intent behind God's law. (Yes, even fun things can hurt us if misused). No one could have done a better job. I applaud Billy for going and for how he carried himself. The interesting thing is how can a Theology of the Cross get expressed in such a situation? Does it lend itself to the genteel and glamor of a 1960's talk shows? Is it nice? If you're saying it right, does the host offer you an invitation to return, or a handful of stones?

I guess if a Theology of the Cross might require "saying a thing like it is," it may be just as important to realize that it's not merely being a jerk. I've met religious conversationalists who seem to confuse the two.

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