Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Right Abandons the Unborn, III and IV

ITEM: Pat Robertson endorses Giuliani

From Pat Robertson Explains Support for Pro-Abortion Candidate Rudy Giuliani"
"And I think Rudy Giuliani has assured the American people that he's going to appoint justices in the likeness of Scalia and John Roberts, et cetera," Robertson explained. "And he has assured people that, he assured me and others, and I believe him."

However, Giuliani has said that the judges he appoints could rule either way on the question of reversing the Roe v. Wade ruling that allowed unlimited abortions.

ITEM: National Right to Life endorses Thompson

From Right-to-Lifers Endorse Thompson -- Cynically, in a The Nation blog:

While Thompson may have had lobbying ties to Planned Parenthood, which advocates for abortion rights and in some regions actually provides access to the procedure, the former senator from Tennessee is a 100 percenter when it comes to serving the interests of major corporations. And that's what concerns National Right to Life these days. The group is part of a Washington-based alliance to advance corporate interests by using social-issue appeals to convince working-class voters to oppose their economic interests.

What is my take on this? You SHOULD seek protection of the unborn because it is a LIBERAL cause. It should be no surprise that those who oppose "paternalism," the "nanny state" and support "freedom" when the issue is a simple one like belching out more toxic pollution than you need to would turn around and be "laissez faire" when it comes to taking unborn life.

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