Friday, November 30, 2007

Religious tests for office?

Should a Mormon be elected President?

I am a Lutheran. Lutherans disagree with Mormons on the doctrine of "homousia", or the question of whether Christ and the Father are One. For this reason I"m not a Mormon, and do not consider them to be Christian. This doesn't mean that I cannot be friends with a Mormon, would doubt in the least that they'd make a good neighbor, or this doctrine alone would invalidate the moral legitimacy of a Mormon Presidential bid.

Should a Mormon be elected President?

I find Romney to be a dangerously immoral man. My earlier suspicions are only confirmed by this exchange between Romney and McCain in the recent Republican debate. McCain repudiates Romney's position on the form of torture known as waterboarding, saying Romney's position is dangerous to America's ideals and security.

Question: are Romney's political views here shaped by his "conservative" religiosity?

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Real Live Preacher said...

Truly, I don't put much stock in the stated religious beliefs of candidates. Because you never really know if they are sincere. And so many politics play religious games around religious groups.