Saturday, January 13, 2007

"What might save us, me and you...

... is if the oil companies love their children too."

Sting's famous song, "Russians," was written during a time when the world feared destruction from a nuclear holocaust. Sting opines:
"What might save us, me and you,
Is if the Russians love their children, too."
That is, a hope for the ultimate humanity of our enemies might be what ultimately saves us.

I have long been thinking and praying and worrying about how the oil companies have been funding libertarian think tanks who deny the science behind climate change. One of the more egregious examples was the Competitive Enterprise Institute who produced this video:

Exxon now says that they were wanting to debate solutions (fair enough, I say), not the established science of global warming. In an MSNBC News article, they are quoted
Exxon’s funding action was confirmed this week by its vice president for public affairs. Kenneth Cohen told the Wall Street Journal that Exxon decided in late 2005 that its 2006 nonprofit funding would not include CEI and "five or six" similar groups.

Cohen declined to identify the other groups, but their names could become public this spring when Exxon releases its annual list of donations to nonprofit groups.

These same cast of characters in the libertarian think tanks (CEI & Cato) already have blood on their hands from their misinformation campaigns related to tobacco and ozone depletion. Granted, there's nothing wrong with a purist libertarian approach to anything, but there is something gravely evil in a libertarian-think-tank-ism.

Anyway, a rehashing of Sting's words had been in my thoughts for the past week or so:
"What might save us, me and you
Is if the oil companies love their children, too."

I don't know if this musing were a genuine prayer constantly in my heart or a new, sardonic political jab I'd dreamed up and was looking for someone to spring it upon. In any case, it looks like the prayer has been answered.

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