Sunday, January 21, 2007

Olympic Park idea

I was watching the '04 Olympics and noticed the body shape of some lady weightlifters. Then I noticed how different was their shape from the lady runners. Each had through practice of their craft molded their body to look a certain way. Then I noticed how one Scandanavian lady who had more of a swimsuit-model figure fared less well in middle distance events against a pack of women with more, uh, utilitarian shaped bodies. What is the ideal body shape for a human, what would the person who could win all the Olympic events look like? How would a football game go if you had 11 tennis players against 11 weightlifters?

So here's my idea for a reality TV show, which I release into the public domain, cuz I got no time or cash to put it on myself. First of all, of the 300 or so events in the Olympics, eliminate all the ones which are less about raw physical talent and require familiarity with specialized equipment to be done safely (pole vault, kayaking, fencing, archery, maybe cycling). I am however inclined to keep tennis. Keep the shotput and all swimming, all running, but nix everything to do with horses or artistic scoring. Some team sports could remain on the list since we are interested in celebrating jack-of-all-trades excellence.

Now that you've got a subsection of events, invite a hundred or a thousand athletes from around the world to spend a month in an abandoned olympic park. They will basically compete in every one of the hundred or so of the events, with some kind of cash prize at the end and incentives to stay to the end. I'm guessing it would be best to score the events such that coming in the top 25% of every single event would be as important as winning any of them. Maybe your score in each round would be the percentile you placed in.

Every episode of the show could have all sorts of interesting juxtapositions: marathon and sprint, long jump and weightlifting, tennis and shot put. I think it would be a great show. Of course, I'd be interested in seeing what body type was associated with the most versatile athlete.

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