Tuesday, August 29, 2006

See that raised arm-- I did that!

Mesh modelling with blender.

I have been playing around with the Creative Commons-licensed character "Proog" from the movie, Elephant's Dream. While I think the movie is hopelessly creepy, suffering from too much "student gloom", I am delighted that they have made available these scene files for folks to play with.

I got this file from a CD included in the August 2006 edition of 3D World magazine, in an article by Bassam Kurdali.

My dream is to turn this creepazoid into cartoony supers. We'll see if it's possible. Right now I'm pleased to make a solitary arm bend. I was also trying to make an extra flappy sag of fabric under the arm-- a gratuitous mesh edit-- but it didn't show up in the render.

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