Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The problem with Lieberman

A blog at The Nation offered this news about Senator Lieberman:
Apparently, the network is delivering on Fox personality Sean Hannity's pledge of support from earlier this year. "If you ever want me to do anything, for you and your re-election," Hannity told the senator in February, adding that, "I think we ought to have Conservatives for Lieberman, a big fundraiser in Connecticut, and if I could ever do that, I'd make it the biggest blowout celebration ever."
Sean Hannity is a gravely evil man, as judged from that tradition in the Christian Church known as the Just War Theory. I remember him once expounding upon his philosophy of "The only thing evil understands is overwhelming use of force." This sentiment is itself a circular definition of evil, as it thumbs its nose not only at pacifism and the Semon on the Mount but also centuries of church teachings in restraint, last resort, and proportionality in use of lethal force. On that day, a man called in to say that his daughter was being bothered by a bully. Hannity suggested to the caller that his daughter ought to seek out that bully and bop her on the nose. If you cannot see the sadness of such a philosophy, I pray for your conversion. Hannity was also a cheerleader for the rapers of Abner Louima, even after one admitted guilt.

In all fairness, reasonable citizens in a democracy, and Christians who hold to the tradition and confessions of the church can disagree on Lamont's pledge to bring the troops home now. There is a world of difference between a reluctance to pull out of Iraq and the worldview of Sean Hannity, a man full of violence. If Lieberman is unable to shake the dust of the warmongering worldview of Hannity, then I rejoice at his defeat, and pray he is unable to get enough signatures to get on the ballot as an independent.

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