Saturday, July 01, 2006

Minority of Silent Majority not like Moral Majority

I happened to run across a copy of A Christian Manfesto, written in 1981 by Francis A. Schaeffer. I have great respect for his work, and find much to agree with him, even though some have said that this book was influential in forming the Moral Majority. Maybe you could call this book a blueprint for the best possible hopes for what the Moral Majority could have come, if it were not to have violated Schaeffer's own advice: "We must not confuse the Kingdom of God with our country. To say it another way; 'We should not wrap Christianity in our national flag."

Anyway, I found this quote helpful in my own musings earlier in this blog about two kinds of pro-life-ism.
"In the Nixon era we heard a lot about the Silent Majority, but most people did not realize that there were two parts to that Silent Majority among the older people. There was the majority of the Silent Majority and there was the minority of the Silent Majority.
The majority of the Silent Majority were those who had two bankrupt values-- personal peace and affluence. Personal peace means just to be let alone, not to be troubled by the troubles of other people, whether across the world or across the city. Affluence means an overwhelming and ever-increasing prosperity-- a life made up of things and more things-- a success judged by an ever-higher level of material abundance.
On the other hand, the minority of the Silent Majority were those who were standing on some kind of principle, and often with at least a memory of Christianity even if they were not individually Christians.
This sounds like the difference between Cheney and McCain Republicans today.

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