Saturday, April 01, 2006

What mysterious things are these guys up to?

Cannot tell yet. Image too small.

A friend in my local LUG showed me how to do some massive batch renders with povray in linux.

Over the years, I had collected more than 5000 povray scene files. Most of them are steps in the iterative improvements in a project. Everytime I'd make a major fix to the development of a topic, I would stop and save it with a new scene filename. Over the years, going back to these files has been a gold mine of ideas. Sometimes the half-ineptly constructed characters were of great value in coming up with new ones.

Anyway, I'm currently attempting a batch render of some 5200 files (perhaps half are support "includes" for the others). But the cool thing with this linux set up is that I'm doing a bash session, so I don't need to decipher each file before I render it-- just attempt to render every frigging thing in the directory. Once I'm finished, I'll go back and collect the best ones, the ones I had forgotten I'd ever attempted.

More adventures to come.

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