Monday, March 27, 2006

Bloody Irony

Two quotes ran across on the same day:

BBC News, "Political Storm Over Iraqi Deaths"
"Entering the mosque and the killings there are an unjustified and flagrant attack," the interior minister said.

"Approximately 18 innocent men who were inside the mosque performing sunset prayers were killed and became martyrs," Bayan Jabr added in an interview on Dubai-based al-Arabiya television. "They were killed unjustly and wrongfully."

and, Columbus Dispatch: "Iraq Sparks Salvo at Ministers' Debate
Johnson responded that the United States has made a strong effort to limit casualties in Iraq.

Comment: I don't have any outrage at the moment at the soliders involved in today's mosque attack, and not much at those who ordered it. I hold out the option of an honest mistake of some sort. But if there were blood on anyone's hands, it is those who blindly defend this war by imagining safeguards that are not in place. The argument from imagination is the one thing I cannot stomach right now.

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