Saturday, March 25, 2006

Becoming superstitious about hard drives.

I spent at least a week trying to install kubuntu on a spanking brand new HDD. I was trying everything. I only got it to work, finally when putting the HDD out on the wood. I would not claim however that the wood is an essential component to the system!

I must say however that when I had a HDD setup that linux did not like (whatever it was), ubuntu blithely let me go through the 20 minute installation process, only to choke on the next reboot. (I went through more than a dozen before I figured out it was HDD related). SUSE on the other hand was quite adept at letting me know that something was smelly about the HDD situation.

I think I'm going with one box with ubuntu just to join the cult ;-S, but this experience has made me much more appreciative of suse.

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