Sunday, February 10, 2013

The media won't report on persecution of Christians in Iraq

Today I heard, in a Christian context, someone say that the media won't report on persecution of Christians in Iraq because that might reduce sympathy for Muslims in their fight against Israel.

What was so sad was how ridiculously easy it was to find multiple cases of reporting on such persecution.  
  • Here's a CNN video from 2010:
  • The conservative "Red State" blog had this article urged us to go look at a NY Times article on the topic.  
  • TIME showed up with an article from 2004.
  • There's the liberal Huffington Post chiming in in 2010.
  • And to top if off, here's an 2010 article from Bloomberg about how Hillary Clinton and the United Nations Human Rights Council. Aren't all three of these supposed to hate Christians?

That's all I got because I got disgusted with the exercise.

I'm not saying that persecution of Christians is not a very serious problem. I have taken efforts to get Christian youth involved in the topic. I would strongly encourage readers to be involved in any of several advocacy organizations on the topic, such as Voice of the Martyrs.   But I do think it's also very serious when Christians state the easily disprovable as a given.  When they say things that take two minutes of Googling to prove wrong.  Another word for this is lie.  This is wrong for several reasons:
  1. It raises the question, "What else is demonstrably untrue in your witness?"
  2. It fails at a "best construction", even if it is against journalists! ;) Such professions can be allies in the campaign to get the truth out, as our "Red State" friends above have seen.
  3. It is just one more way that some evangelicals force nonbelievers (and believers!) to check their brains at the door.

Here's my final sentiment:
Follow Christ. Be an evangelical.  Don't follow the evangelical herd.

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