Sunday, May 10, 2009

Voodoo scientists attack all religion.

The April 2009 podcast of IEEE Spectrum Radio featured a segment entitled, "Superstition: Belief in the Age of Science". It featured a lengthy interview with Robert L. Park, a writer that was bothered by the harm that superstitious belief places on society. The problem was that in an attempt to debunk bad science, IEEE devoted itself to an unscientific, philosophical rant against all belief.

Among Park's repeated complaints was that "90% believe." He was bothered that 90% of Americans express belief in some kind of God. He said that this was "disproven", but the main evidence was in reference to creation. Surely, most of what "Young Earth Creationism" is about can easily be disproven. Yet there are at least three ways that Christians approach the concept of "God created the heavens and the earth." One is the stereotypical Young Earth Creationism. But there are other varieties. Some folks believe in a Young Earth but one with Appearance of Age. Others are Old Earth Creationists. Still others, like John Paull II, could be described as Theistic Evolutionists. So many flavors, so many nuances. Have all of these been disproven? Some are actually un-disprov-able! Failure to fully investigate the sociological nuances of his subject makes this piece by Spectrum Radio merely bad philosophy.

He did make a reference to prayer. I think he was critiquing a Gospel of Prosperity moreso than the traditional view of Christianity. This underscores my hunch that to many nontheists, the gospel of prosperity, theology of glory is held the correct view of Christian faith and the bible. Rubbish.

He decried the necessity to "compartmentalize" one's belief, between science and religion. I'm wondering if scientists themselves ever do this. Isn't it said that quantum mechanics and gravity are incompatible? How about particle and wave nature of photon & electron? Scientists have to compartmentalize beliefs all the time. I don't insist that the wave nature of photons explains every phenomenon that I run across.

Hey IEEE, why don't you provide some balance here? You made a philosophical rant with little science followed by an altar call to nontheism. How about you invite an Old Earth Creationist to give a little rant (with some scientific tidbits added) and follow up with an altar call to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ?

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Rob said...

There are quite a large number of believers (self included) who have a lot of problems with the so-called Gospel of Prosperity, so I don't mind seeing this attacked, but all the same, I hate when all Christians are incorrectly lump-summed into this group. The only prosperity I believe in is that of God's grace through the gift of eternal life through his Son.

I like your blog. It's an interesting blend of content.