Sunday, November 16, 2008

How to render multiple povray files in linux bash commands.

for i in fracpos04*.pov; do povray $i +fn +w1280 +h960 +kff225 +a0.3; done

The above commands are what I used in linux to render a whole bunch of povray files. I had a stack of POV-Ray scene description files that were all of the form fracpos04*.pov. When I ran this command in bash, linux will look at all the files in a directory. For those which are of the form fracpos04*.pov, linux will run the command povray [filename] with switches that call for PNG output file type, a width of 1280, a height of 960, an animation with 225 frames, with anti-alias setting of 0.3.

This blog post is just kind of a gratituituos sticky reminder to myself, in case I forget how to do it again.

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