Friday, October 17, 2008

I'm a P2P file-sharer, too.

The internet connection in my house kept dropping last night.

I noticed that it was dropping during those times I was using the BitTorrent client KTorrent on my kubuntu linux box. When I stopped using KTorrent, the connection stopped dropping. It may be a mere coincidence, perhaps my wireless router is busted, or not.

There are stories about internet service providers engaging in dirty tricks to interrupt the use of BitTorrent. There are also stories where it is presumed or falsely accused that all use of BitTorrent is for the sharing of files in violation of copyright. Some companies with outdated business models (RIAA, MicroSoft) may also have a vested interest in thwarting legal alternatives to their product (creative-commons-licensed music; linux) which are distributed across Torrents. As a way of saying Ich bin ein Berliner, I thought I'd share an example of one person's legal use of Torrents.

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