Thursday, September 04, 2008

Pray for rain

Anyone seen any rain on the news lately?

The political action group of Focus on the Family, Citizen Link put out this video with a man standing in front of Invesco field shortly before Obama's speech, and asked for rain just before his speech?
"Would it be wrong to ask people to pray for rain, okay, not just rain but a bunch of rain? ...
[I'm asking because] I'm still pro-life, and still in favor of marriage between one man and one woman. ...
would it be wrong to pray for rain ...
If we see rain of biblical proportions, we will see it and say it is good".

Focus on the Family has become a narrow, overtly partisan organization, reducing the witness of Christians in the political square to hatred. No, I'm not calling a resistance to gay marriage hate (I have stood on record opposing changes to the ELCA Lutheran's policy against non-celibate gay pastors.) I'm saying they reduce our witness, the calling of all sorts of sinners to repentance, to hate. Are you supposed to wish for the worst things for your enemies, even if Obama were an enemy of the church?

What if God answered the prayer of all these haters, and brought a hurricane to the doorstep of the RNC?

Indeed, if you look at the political landscape today, the number of things that this season of Republicans represent goes against as many of the moral positions held by John Paul II as does the Democrats. Indeed, pro-life voices are getting more air time in the Democratic party even as the conservative pundits are attacking pro-life, anti-Iraq war Dems (Murtha) and praising pro-choice, pro-Iraq war ex-Dems (Lieberman). The election is not "about" abortion as much as it is about torture and tax cuts for the rich.

On a recent edition of the political talk show The McLaughlin Group, a liberal offered hopes that pastor Rick Warren represented the future of evangelicalism. That is because Warren has gone, in my words, "soft on hate". He's been talking about global warming, poverty reduction, and AIDS as moral crises for the church to be involved with. A conservative on the program rebutted with, "How is this going to help the Democrats?" and I don't believe he got an answer from the liberals present. My answer is, I don't care if it's good for the Democrats-- fie on a party which is 100% anti-Warren. Warren is good for the planet, good for humanity, good for the church, good for the spread of the evangel.
Secular liberals mock us when we are filled with hate.

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