Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hillary's convention speech-- highs and lows

As an Obama supporter, I had grown to dislike Hillary during the campaign. Tonight, however, Hillary gave a rousing speech. It was a great unifying speech-- are you in it for me, or for the Marine stuck in Iraq, for the children with no health care, etc? I thought to myself, all hard feelings are over, the work to build up the party goes forward, etc.

Then CNN found an African-American woman on the convention floor and asked her what she thought of the speech. She started off by saying that it was surely a Presidential caliber speech. She said it was a tragedy for Hillary to have been held back because she is a woman. Then when asked about her voting, she said, "Would you put a new Harvard graduate as CEO?" She was reluctant to vote for Obama. It kind of put a sharp chill on the warm feelings that Hillary had just generated.

Then I guess I went back to square one with Hillary. I felt she stayed in the campaign longer to a destructive extent for her personal ambition. Somehow, I'm wondering during what part of the campaign this woman formed her opinion of Obama-- was it during this latter portion?

I went back to thinking of Clinton as someone with selfish personal ambition.

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