Saturday, July 07, 2007

Announcing selected entries in the Truth "versus" Love Project

I've been running a little sermon scholarship contest for seminarians in my denomination. I call it the 'Truth "versus" Love Project'. In that I believe too often the World and scoundrels in the church force us to choose between Truth and Love, between theological orthodoxy and compassion, between law and gospel, between original sin minus any contemporary social analysis and original sin minus a spiritual answer for it. I believe that Christianity in the tradition of Bonhoeffer, King, C.S. Lewis, John Paul II, and Luther is foreign to the agenda of liberal Protestants like Spong and neoconservatives like Neuhaus. The stated purpose of the project is to encourage law and gospel preaching about a passage which has been seen as a source of humanitarian concern.

I received ten entries. URL's to sermons for the four honorees and two honorable mentions are listed below:

Nicholas Weber
"For all the good it has done, liberation theology has a fatal flaw.

Judy Mai
"The good news is that we have a God who can turn goats into sheep."

Nicholas Hopman
"The damned might very well spend more time worrying about ethics and the law than the faithful."

Steven Broers
"The question is not "What is a sheep?" but, "How is a sheep created or made?" "

Katya Ouchakof
"Jesus' grace takes care of my shortcomings, and yours, and praise be to God! "

Kari Casper
"We will never be able to do enough to guarantee our salvation. "

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