Saturday, October 07, 2006

Musings on advice for living in a high-tech world.

1) If you ever buy any portable electronic device that costs more than $100 or $100/ year in connection fees, SPLURGE ON A HIGH QUALITY CASE. Spending 10% of this price on a case is the best service plan there is. Maybe the rest of you know already that, but I have broken three things in the past few years, all in cases where a decent case would have saved them from damage.

2) My recent guess is that every aggravating thing that happens in computing-- from the recent detriments to Google Reader to SUSE's removal of wifi drivers to Yahoo! Music service's music selection algorithm-- all stem from lawyers. Lawyers who tell the business that something is not above board, urge that the business changes things, and then insist that everyone talk it up like it's an improvement. I say the road to hell is paved in talking up your company's reductions in service due to chicken lawyers.

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