Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Inflammatory Post.

In college at Virginia Tech, circa 1984, I went to a late-night showing of the movie, Heavy Metal. There was one scene in the movie where a dashing character is being accused of a scoundrel. The accuser lists a bunch of crimes from mundane to geopolitical (I'm going from memory here). Then, after a dramatic pause, the accuser adds "and [hundred or more] cases of rape."

From the audience I was sitting with came a loud, rousing cheer-- not just a few individuals. It was 1984, Virginia Tech. It was probably one of the more evil things I'd witnessed, in that it was all done in a clean, comfortable setting, the cheering on of rape by a roomful of men.

Once in a while I think about that evening. Recently I was imagining that if you were to track those men across the years, half of them would have voted for Bush in 2004. That's my inflammatory statement.

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Kurt N. said...

Anything in particular bring on your bit of flamethrowing? That's awfully speculative.